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How much do FFL dealers charge to transfer a firearm?

It depends on the dealer. Most dealers will charge $25 dollars for the service. You need to check with your FFL dealer that will be receiving the firearm to find out their exact rate.

What do I put in the SHIP TO address during checkout when purchasing a firearm online?

You have 4 options for SHIP TO field:

  1. If you have a valid FFL – enter the address that matches the address on your FFL
  2. If you have a gun shop, pawn shop or gunsmith with a valid FFL that you have done business with before – enter their address into SHIP TO field.
  3. If you do not know a local FFL dealer – you will need to locate one using our FFL Dealer Locator Tool.
  4. If you are picking up the gun from our location – enter “STORE PICK UP” in the SHIP TO address.
Can ammo be shipped out with a gun?

No, Ammunition and Firearms must be purchased and shipped separately.

How do I return something?

Returns are accepted for merchandise that is defective.

Shootar Ilusions will provide a refund or exchange on all defective firearms, prior to transfer, and accessories found defective within 10 days. Shootar Ilusions will have the defective items returned.  Please do not return packages prior to receiving a return authorization.


Do i need a license to buy a gun?

Most states will not require you to have a permit to purchase a firearm, but we recommend you consult your local FFL dealer to make sure you are following all local regulations.

Remember that you are responsible for compliance with all local and state laws. Some states prohibit standard capacity magazines, some states prohibit suppressors, or short barreled rifles, and some states have restrictions on types or parts that may be used on AR-15 platform firearms.

What are the benfits for buying a gun online?

Buying a gun online comes with a ton of benefits like having a greater selection of firearms to choose from, the ability to easily compare prices and difference between guns, and all the resources you need to make an informed decision. If you are looking to buy an AR-15, you can check out our AR-15 buyers guide here to learn more about which one is right for you. We also have a full staff of customer service representatives to answer any questions you might have about a specific firearm.

With these steps in mind, it is now time to choose your new gun from our vast selection here at your favorite Online Gun Store. We have a variety of guns for sale, from complete AR 15 and AK47 rifles, ammunition, knives, optics, magazines AR pistols, AR lowers, factory short-barreled rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns, and an ever-growing selection of handguns in the most popular calibers right at your fingertips!